OEM Customer COSMOINKJET Showcases AMICA’s 4 Products at APPPEXPO 2019-마케팅활동-AMICA SYSTEMS

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OEM Customer COSMOINKJET Showcases AMICA’s 4 Products at APPPEXPO 2019

On March 5th, 2019, the annual APPPEXPO announces a grand opening at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). As one of the most globally renowned exhibitions in advertising, sign and printing industries, the four-day APPPEXPO 2019 attracts more than 2000 exhibitors and about 200,000 professional audience to its 230,000㎡ exhibition halls, making another milestone in its development history.

At booth 3H-A1131, with an over 90㎡ exhibiting area, our OEM customer COSMOINKJET competes with many leading brands in global advertising and sign industries, especially in the digital inkjet printing section, and impresses the public with AMICA’s 4 UV-LED inkjet printers, including roll-to-roll and flatbed inkjet printing solutions, presenting versatile applications to customers in advertising, sign and packaging printing industries.

Roll-to-roll UV-LED Inkjet Printing Solution
1、High Print Quality and Extraordinary Print Productivity, the Ideal Choice for Printing on Ultrathin Flexible Media—CRL33 Wide-format Inkjet Printer

CRL33 wide-format UV-LED inkjet printer is specially designed for printing on a vast array of roll media for high print quality and industrial print productivity, especially on ultrathin flexible media, making itself an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor applications. The release and take-up system enables stable and precise advancement of ultrathin flexible substrates for high quality printing. The white ink function brings about possibilities for printing bright and vivid colors on transparent or colored materials. With the highly reliable CRL33, you can not only produce traditional jobs as you do today, but open up new revenue resources with a variety of newly-developed application offerings.

  • Max. Print Width of 3.2m (126")
  • Dual-roll Simultaneous Printing
  • CMYK + White
  • Soft films, Premium Backlit Fabrics, Flex Banners, Vinyl, Canvas, Mesh, etc.

In the APPPEXPO 2019, CRL33 demonstrates printing on soft films, premium backlit fabrics, flex banners, vinyl, canvas, mesh, etc., widely applied in high-precision indoor and outdoor advertising and light-box displays. The CRL33 on site is specially configured with the dual-roll structure, aiming at boosting up customers’ current productivity.

2、Superior Price-Performance Ratio and High Quality Output—SL16 Wide-format Inkjet Printer
SL16 UV-LED inkjet printer is specially designed to print large-format indoor and outdoor signs and displays. Equipped with industrial DOD piezo electric print heads, SL16 features high print speed and durable outputs. Configured with an optional supporting table, SL16 directly prints excellent images on a wide variety of flexible media and rigid substrates, largely satisfying the customers for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Max. Print Width of 1.6m (63")
  • CMYKLcLm
  • Photo Paper, Films, Vinyl, Mesh, etc.

The SL16 displayed on site adopted light color printing technology, plus AMICA’s variable droplet size control technology, for producing sharper images with smoother gradients. In the following photo, SL16 is printing portrait and still life, attracting a group of audience for a closer viewing.

Flatbed UV-LED Inkjet Printing Solutions

1、High Productivity and Accurate Color Reproduction, the Ideal Choice for Printing on Thick or Heavy Substrates—CG1313 Wide-format Flatbed Inkjet Printer

The CG1313 printer is a high-performance UV-LED flatbed inkjet print system with moving gantry. Thanks to the flatbed architecture and UV-LED curing technology, the CG1313 printer owns the ability to print on various sheets, boards, or objects up to 100mm (3.94 ") thick. The CG1313 printer will give you competitive advantages and help you grow your business.

  • Max. Print Width of 1.2m × 1.2m (48 " × 48 ")
  • CMYK + Spot Color + White + Varnish
  • Media Thickness up to 100mm/ 3.94"

In the exhibition, the CG1313 is specially configured with spot color printing mode, suitable for printing Logo colors, assuring color consistency of prints while improving the design and quality level at the same time. In the photo below, the CG1313 is printing multiple images on PVC boards, displaying a distinctive comparison between CMYK and CMYK + Spot Color, presenting vivid colors and a wider color gamut. Varnish ink printing provides versatile surface finishes with amazing tactile and visual effects to beautify the appearance of labels and grasp viewers’ attention.

2、Reliable Quality, Stable Performance and Versatile Applications—TDL1060 UV-LED Medium-format Flatbed Inkjet Printer
       TDL1060 is the latest UV-LED flatbed inkjet printer combining reliability, stability and versatile applications. Equipped with industrial DOD piezo electric grayscale print heads, TDL1060 easily achieves high-speed and high-quality printing. Working seamlessly with professional ColorPRINT RIP and color management software, TDL1060 delivers vivid colors, fine details, and smooth gradients. TDL1060 is the ideal solution for personalized souvenirs, customized gifts, and special promotional materials.

  • Max. Print Width of 1.0m × 0.6m (41.7" × 24.0")
  • CMYK + Spot Color + White + Varnish
  • Media Thickness up to 150mm/ 5.9"
The TDL1060 displayed on site is configured with both White and Varnish, providing superior decorative effects on transparent, dark or metallic media. The photo below demonstrates the PVC boards and cell phone shells printed on TDL1060 with the help of templates, further illustrating the versatile applications in the industrial decoration section.

Sticking to the principle of opening, innovation, tolerance and mutual-benefit, COSMOINKJET is always ready to share its technologies, market and profits with global partners, 

creating consistent and positive development opportunities for customers worldwide, and meanwhile fully satisfying the demands in the high-end market in China and seeking 

for deeper cooperation in the future.